About Us

The great excitement started in 1978 in the small workshop in Istanbul continues without stopping. When we started, we have manufactured innovative and different products, and today we continue to work with the same belief.

We have been recognized as our brand BEST  in kitchenwares market by producing different grater models. Now we offer many different products that we produce from metal and plastic raw materials under the brand of BEST und BEST.

BEST und BEST brand that has exceeded the borders of Turkey, today are taking place in millions of kitchens around the world.

We continue our way with the mission of "better products, better quality and different production". In all products which takes part of BEST und BEST, the main criteria which has orientated the vision of the brand is human health.

We are a big family with all our employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

We are moving into the future with the strength of our roots.